Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Our Role

Sands Anderson Marks & Miller’s Role

The delinquent tax process aids localities in opening alternative sources of revenue from properties that have been dormant for years.

Sands Anderson represents numerous localities throughout the Commonwealth in their effort to collect delinquent real property taxes. We provide full service representation to localities from the first collection letter to the auction and the conclusion of the case. In doing so, our office works closely with the treasurers and the other officials of the local government to expedite the process. We at Sands Anderson pride ourselves on providing our clients with high quality legal services and prompt action.

Throughout the year, Sands Anderson will conduct several auctions for various localities.

In addition to our delinquent real estate tax collection practice, we also provide assistance and advice to local governments with respect to account assessments, negotiations and collections. Working with the local treasurer’s office, we provide the prompt and full service that you need to maintain your local government’s cash flow.
For more information about our services, contact the following individuals:

Thomas L. Bricken, Esq.

Fredericksburg Office

James E. Cornwell, Esq.

New River Valley Office


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